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Your home and its spaces have an impact on your health and enjoyment every day, so live in a home that inspires you.

We believe that the story of life is lived in chapters… varied and distinct, but inextricably linked. Real estate – where you live, and the spaces that surround you – is very much part of each of our stories. Everyone recalls their first home, the homes where their families grew, their dream homes, and the homes where their loved ones enjoyed vacation, rest, and relaxation.

Founded by top agents and longtime partners, Ric Hollifield and Daniella Stonefield, Elevé Properties is backed by Charter One Realty, the Lowcountry’s top-performing real estate agency year after year. As the engine under the Elevé hood, Charter One has cemented its #1 ranking with over 22% market share, breaking $1 Billion in sales in both 2019 and 2020 (a record for the market), and outperforming its next four competitors combined.

The Elevé team is proud of its exceptional suite of resources, and a strong reputation earned by being effective, trustworthy, diligent, and staying on the cutting edge. Among the most valuable of these resources is the strength of their substantial network, composed both of memberships in exclusive communities of professionals, as well as the many individual connections collected over years of involvement and experience.

For years, Ric and Daniella have been known as the agents who do things differently. With combined experience including building and construction, mortgage and finance, design, marketing, photography and video production, copywriting, negotiation, business development, and networking, their approach to their clients is unique, thorough and innovative.

As they put it, “We’ve been trusted by wonderful clients over the years, from anxious first-time homebuyers to leaders of industry, and have had the privilege of working with many of them, their families and friends again and again. It is our privilege, every time. For whatever “home” means to you, every element is critical; so we craft our services around your important goals, desired lifestyle, and personal interests. Your goal is our goal. Your next chapter is very important to us, and we’re here to help you both craft and attain it.” Expertly representing their exclusive clientele in order to achieve their personal and financial goals, their vision blends the creativity and energy of a startup with the efficiency and expertise of an established organization. They hold deep reverence for both innovation and tradition – a fact which informs their unique model. If you’re considering your next chapter, and real estate is involved, the team at Elevé Properties stands ready to assist.

Our areas of specialty include:

  • Unique
  • Historic
  • Architectural Provenance
  • Recreational/Working Land
  • Estates
  • Waterfront
  • Oceanfront/Oriented
  • Resort-Style Homes + Luxury Amenities
  • Investment + Income-Producing
  • Homes that require an extra “something”

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